Fish in the CBD

I have been incredibly busy at work lately, and it is cutting in to my blogging time, and my biking time, and I have not been happy about it. So after a long day at work today, I decided to spend part of my evening riding down to the Quarter on my bike to see some friends. On my way back I stopped to snap a picture of this fish, upside down, looking for something. Join the club. It just seemed so out of place on this building in the CBD. The Central Business District is an interesting part of New Orleans. It seems like the sort of place you should see a lot of business happening, but it feels like a ghost town sometimes. Sure, there are some museums–the Ogden, the WWII museum, the modern art museum–and some offices and hotels, but there are also abandoned buildings and empty storefronts. I guess it’s like a lot of downtowns where things used to happen, but failing economies and flight from cities have left these neighborhoods empty. The fish marks a new business; I wonder how long she’ll be there.

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