Bike Rack at Race and Magazine

Bike rack at Race and MagazineIt’s getting rather nippy here in New Orleans.  I know, I know, I’ve lost perspective since leaving the chilly climes of the Northeast many years ago.  But cold is cold, and that’s what I was today.  Riding my bike keeps me warm–and I love the shadow of my scarf flying behind me–so I rode down to a coffee shop to gets some work done after my class got out.  I parked next to this delightful bike rack.  Bike racks aren’t nearly as plentiful as they should be in this town.  Lots and lots of folks rely on their bicycles as their main mode of transportation, and though New Orleans’s flat terrain makes it ideal for this, the town itself does little to support its biking population (or driving one, for that matter–the roads here are notorious).  I ride for lots of reasons, and one of the main ones is so I don’t have to park.  But I’ve got to lock.  I prefer the U-shaped racks because there is actually enough room to lock my bike by the frame.  But this one makes bike parking art, and I respect that.  I wish more businesses and the city itself would give us more places to put our bicycles.  Biking is good for all of us, and a biking infrastructure is an important part of growing the bike community.  The bike lane on St. Claude is a great start.  I want bike lanes and bike racks and bike lockers.  But for now I’ll keep looking for the nearest empty bus stop pole.  At least they are good for something.

4 thoughts on “Bike Rack at Race and Magazine

  1. Hi lady….I continue to enjoy your writings very much. It is cold here too in NM in the early morning but no humidity! That makes such a difference.

    Have a wonderful week.


  2. Nice to “see” you, Judy. We live in warm climes, but cold is cold! I’m defensive, what with most of my family in Idaho or the Northeast. You have a good week too.

  3. Cold IS cold, but cold and wet gets old.

    Have you read Pedal Power written by J. Harry Wray? It may give you some ideas on promoting bicycle infrastructure in your community.

    The rack in the photo could be more functional, but I am with you on wishing more businesses supported bicycles.

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