Bathroom Graffiti in the Marigny

GraffitiTonight was a lovely night for a bike ride–cool and dark and cloudy and threatening rain.  That might not sound like a nice night for a ride, but it fit me perfectly.  This weekend is the New Orleans Fringe Festival, so I rode down to the Bywater to join M. for a puppet show.  It was lovely.  I then rode to the Marigny for a nightcap, and took this picture of the graffiti in the bathroom.  Lots of bathrooms have graffiti, but this one is really well decorated.  I have even wondered if perhaps the place was decorated like this.  How can one bathroom collect so much graffiti?  But then this is a bar where graffiti is welcome, so I suppose it has simply gathered there over the years.  Bars and restaurants choose to deal with graffiti in lots of ways.  Some are at perpetual war with it, painting regularly to hide the marks.  Other places seem to know graffiti is inevitable, so they put up chalkboards or paint the walls with chalkboard paint and provide chalk and erasers.  I prefer places like this, where we all know that not only will the walls be covered, but we are welcome to add.  I haven’t, but I’m glad others have and continue to do so.  The blank wall is common, you know.

One thought on “Bathroom Graffiti in the Marigny

  1. I like reading the graffiti. It makes me wonder what inspires some people to write and draw some of the things they put on the wall?

    Great photos and descriptions. Makes want to visit your city and bring my bike along for the adventure.

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