Brad & Dellwen Flag-Party-Gift Shop on Magazine

Flag StoreSo I got back on the bike today.  My injuries are mostly mental, so I knew I had to just get back on and ride.  I rode down Magazine to Juan’s Flying Burrito for lunch with my crosswords.  The weather was beautiful today–warm, a touch humid, and, because I got lucky, dry.  Magazine Street is all decked out for the holidays with banners encouraging local shopping, samples outside La Divina Gelateria (it really is divine), and sales at every store.  This flag store on the corner of Jackson and Magazine appears to be showing off too.  But the store always looks like this.  It is a seriously festive shop.  Every morning the flags come out, and every evening the flags go back in.  The friendly proprietors sit outside in lawn chairs, covered by flags.  If you haven’t been inside, I encourage you to get yourself there.  The place is filled to the rafters with flags and kites.  You’ve got to push the fabric aside and step over poles and buckets to sneak through the room.  I got a very cool devil kite there after Gustav, though it meant an untimely end in the Mississippi thanks to Ike’s outer bands.  That kite was just what I needed after the terrible evacuation.  Today as I somewhat shakily made my way home, the kites made me feel good again.  I needed a little fun today, because although my ride to lunch was fun, my ride home found me a bit shaky inside as it seemed every car was throwing open a door.  This will wear off, I’m sure, but I’m still feeling a bit shaken from Saturday.

2 thoughts on “Brad & Dellwen Flag-Party-Gift Shop on Magazine

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  2. Charles and Brad had an antique store in the 3900 block of Magazine for a number of years. I found them both to be just the nicest of people. I lived in the same block, that is how I know of them. Their birds and dogs were always their favorite loves.

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