Foggy Night at the Bridge Lounge

Bridge LoungeI took today off from work and rode my bike all over, reminding myself that I’m plenty good at riding.  And not every car is out to get me.  I started with a ride down to Surrey’s for a delightful brunch with N. and then headed down to the Quarter to find some holiday gifts at the Louisiana Music FactoryIf we are going to buy presents this year, it seems a good idea to buy locally and support local musicians.  There is no shortage of talent in this town.  I then tooled over to Jackson Square and spent some time reading in very quiet and peaceful St. Louis Cathedral.  After coffee and crosswords at Envie, I headed back Uptown for a drink at the Bridge Lounge.  It was a perfect day in New Orleans.  And it was definitely New Orleans weather.  Bridge Lounge IIIt was warm and humid and as the sun went down, it got positively foggy.  I snapped these two pictures–the first without flash, and the second with flash–to try and capture just how wet the air was tonight.  The flash reflected off the water vapor in the air, making it look like rain.  But it wasn’t rain–just the humidity.  I sat outside, sipping my beer, watching the air saturate, marveling at the way the weather can go from snow to this in just a few days.  When I got back on my bike it was all wet and as I started the ride home, my glasses fogged over.  Almost immediately.  I pushed my glasses down over the bridge of my nose and kept my eyes shifting from the street, so as to avoid potholes, to ahead of me, so as to avoid car doors.  It was a rough ride home, but I made it, albeit slowly, and it just plain felt good to be riding around town again.

One thought on “Foggy Night at the Bridge Lounge

  1. Hi Kate. I enjoyed the comments about the humidity. It is a story all to itself. One cannot imagine it, one must try to breathe through it. When I was a smoker in Corpus Christi this was a huge problem for me. One of the reasons I quit.

    I am glad your shoulder is better and thank you so much for the nice post on the Q. It is rather hard to believe. Now it is your turn shooting for the big 5.

    Take care girl…. enjoy your holidays from school.


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