Brick Facade on St. Claude

Brick facadeSo, if you ride a bike as much as I do, you are bound to get in an accident or two.  Yep.  The day started with a leisurely ride down to the Bywater for brunch.  I then headed toward the Lower Ninth to take in some P1 art, but right before I took that right from Poland onto the St. Claude bridge over the Industrial Canal, I slammed in to an opening car door.  It took me completely by surprise–I barely had time to turn a little to the left–and I rammed into that purple Scion driver’s side door with my right shoulder (surgical reconstruction has made it strong, thank goodness), right cheek, and right thigh.  I stayed on the bike and I think I’m ok, though still shaken up, but the car door  can’t say the same; I bent its hinges and it wouldn’t close.  I lingered for a bit, talking to John, the driver, and then got back on my bike and road over the bridge and continued on my way.  Until I got C. on the phone and burst in to tears.  That was really scary!  And the adrenaline started wearing off, so I started to feel the pain.  I cut my art visit short after touring the Lower Ninth Ward Village and headed home, grateful for the St. Claude bike lane.  I took this picture of a brick facade, crumbling but for sale.  Actually, it’s sold.  I wonder who bought it and what they’ll do with it.  Fortunately, I live here, and I ride my bike, accidents and cold and rain be damned, everywhere.  So I’ll be back to see what happens on this corner.  Stay tuned.

3 thoughts on “Brick Facade on St. Claude

  1. I certainly hope you have recovered from your accident and hope there was not too much pain. Personally, I think you are very brave to ride as much as you do. I saw “your” snow on TV as I e-mailed you. What a site.


  2. Sorry to hear about your accident. This is what worries me as someone new to cycling.
    I’m from London and it’s interesting to see what New Orleans is like, especially as we’re in the midst of winter. Keep on riding!

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