Christmas Palm at Chestnut and Delachaise

Christmas Palm It is Christmas time in New Orleans, and everywhere else.  I haven’t really felt much in the holiday mood lately.  This is only my second Christmas here, and I’m just not used to the near-80 degree temps in December, though I enjoy them.  There’s something incongruous for me–a girl from Idaho–about seeing palm trees tied with red ribbons, giant inflatable Santas next to blooming hyacinth, and this tropical palm hung with lights and giant Christmas ornaments at the corner of Delachaise and Chestnut.  I saw this while riding home from finishing up semester grades, and it helped put me a bit more in the mood for Christmas.  The cold weather helps too.  When I saw the weather report for the rest of the week, though, I couldn’t help wishing I’d be here for the muggy high 70s rather than in the snowy Great Northwest.  Because New Orleans certainly knows how to throw a party, and I have a feeling the Christmas parades and New Year’s bonfires will be something special, and warm enough for some good biking to celebrate in every neighborhood.  I’m heading home for the holidays, sans bike, of course, but I’ll get to see family.  And I have a feeling somebody will lend me a bike for a snow ride.

3 thoughts on “Christmas Palm at Chestnut and Delachaise

  1. If you are scheduled to fly into or through Portland be sure to check before leaving. There is a backlog of travelers waiting for flights because of all the flight cancellations due to snow and ice.

    It is suppose to snow again of Wednesday. Travel safe and hope you have a great holiday. Be sure to post photos of your snow ride.

  2. Hi Kate…..I hope you had a good trip and a wonderful visit with family and friends. I know Santa was good to you. I know what you mean about Christmas on the Gulf. It is a totally different experience from “up North” or “out West.” Sitting outside on lawn chairs opening up gifts while the BBQ was going. Such good days.

    “out West” has been cold this holiday and I get as sick of the furnace running as i did the AC in Corpus Christi. There was still some snow around and it was very cold and I (for once) was missing those warm, humid days too, just for a few days. 🙂

    Looking forward to a recap of your holidays.


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