House on Delachaise and S. Liberty, Redux

House at Delachaise and S. LibertyI ride very similar routes around this town, every single day. Up and down St. Charles, down Simon Bolivar, up Baronne, up and down St. Claude. One thing I love about biking, though, is that there’s always something new to see, to notice, as long as you pay attention. Continue reading

Filled Pothole at Delachaise and St. Charles

Filled Pothole at Delachaise and St. CharlesI took an easy ride to and from work today and noticed that a day or two off from heavy riding sure makes my knees feel better.  But enough about that.  On my way home I snapped this picture of the street at Delachaise and St. Charles.  The pothole is gone.  Continue reading

Christmas Palm at Chestnut and Delachaise

Christmas Palm It is Christmas time in New Orleans, and everywhere else.  I haven’t really felt much in the holiday mood lately.  This is only my second Christmas here, and I’m just not used to the near-80 degree temps in December, though I enjoy them.  Continue reading

House on Delachaise and S. Liberty

It’s a beautiful day in New Orleans.  I can’t believe how warm and sunny it can still be in November.  I zipped home from work this afternoon on Willow and then took a right onto Amelia to head toward the river.  I passed this house near the corner of Delachaise and South Liberty.  Continue reading