Prospect 1 Welcome Center

Prospect 1 Welcome CenterToday was simply beautiful.  The sun was out and the air was warm and I put on a dress and hopped on my bike for a ride down to the Quarter for coffee and work.  On my way home I stopped at the Prospect 1 Welcome Center in the Hefler Warehouse on Magazine just uptown from Julia Street.  To be honest, I was just looking for a bathroom, but I ended up being blown away, again, by the art P.1 has brought to New Orleans.  The dark warehouse was virtually empty except for several large installation pieces, including this, Paul Villinski’s Dreamer.  I just loved this piece.  So much art coming from New Orleans is understandably representative of New Orleans during and just after Katrina.  Dreamer, for example, shares space with hauntingly realistic fabric house that looks like it’s melting away and smells of rot and a cynical human figure sitting in despair.  I’m not really one for redemption narratives, particularly where there is actually a steady abandonment.  But there’s something fanciful in this installation that is also part of the post-Katrina narrative, the hope that one might fly away.  Nothing wrong with dreaming, I think.  We need more dreams.  There’s no bathroom at the Welcome Center, but the CAC is right around the corner with free admission and an exhibit on the fourth floor that will make you cry.  Don’t miss it.

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