William Bennett Sculpture Behind Shot Tower at President & E. Fayette

William Bennett Sculpture Behind Shot Tower at President & E. FayetteI spent Thursday working on a grant application, asking for money to do a little something something with the artists I’m working with on a project that takes shape as it moves–my favorite kind. After getting a draft out to the co-conspirators I took the rest of the day off, hopping on the bike and heading down the hill to Harbor East to catch a movie. As I waited to cross Fayette from that tiny road between the church and the Brutalist postal office, one of the turning cars in the far lane stopped and waved me and a pedestrian across. I appreciate that kind of sharing, but as other cars backed up and started honking, I let it get to me and got off the road altogether, walking my bike across the cobblestones surrounding Shot Tower. Continue reading

Think That You Might Be Wrong Sign at 7th and La Salle

Think That You Might Be WrongToday was crisp and cold and the sky was this beautiful blue.  I rode home on Freret and then turned on La Salle.  I stopped to take a picture of this sign, which reads “Think That You Might Be Wrong.”  I’ve seen these signs all over town, but I don’t know who put them up, or why.  Continue reading

Prospect 1 Welcome Center

Prospect 1 Welcome CenterToday was simply beautiful.  The sun was out and the air was warm and I put on a dress and hopped on my bike for a ride down to the Quarter for coffee and work.  On my way home I stopped at the Prospect 1 Welcome Center in the Hefler Warehouse on Magazine just uptown from Julia Street.  Continue reading

Prospect 1 Sculpture at Tulane

Public Art at TulaneIt is Prospect New Orleans: P.1 time. This is a huge international art biennial taking place right here in NOLA. The cryptic P.1 yard signs started popping up up a month or two ago and the big opening night party drew crowds on November 1. Continue reading

Mural on Freret

I rode down Freret Street on my way home today.  This ride always reminds me of how uneven recovery and development is in this city.  Tulane’s campus is beautiful, of course, and Freret to Carrollton takes one by some really fancy homes.  Continue reading