Leaking Fire Hydrant at Tulane

Fire Hydrant at TulaneFinally–a warm, sunny day!  I put on a dress and heels and hopped on my bike to head to work, and it felt great.  It seemed like everybody was out today and ready for summer, even though we’ve got some months left.  On my ride home I passed this fire hydrant.  Now, I realize this is my third post about fire hydrants, and second in just a week, but sometimes there’s just something about a hydrant.  This one is covered in green–is it moss? green slime?–from the constantly leaking seal around the top.  It reminded me of all the leaks I see around this town every day.  For example, the small river at Freret and Louisiana continues to flow and the pond forming at Camp and Aline has only just been drained.  This city wears its decay on the outside, and I’m just not sure what can be done about it.  I mean, New Orleans seems to take a patch-it approach, what with its pothole killer and halfway repaved streets. What would it take to do a total overhaul?  Is it a matter of money–this is one of the poorest cities in the country–or a matter of priority, and will?

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