Moving By Crane at Tulane

Moving By Crane at TulaneI have had lots of long bike rides in the last few days, but haven’t had time to blog.  Today I was back at work, using my bike for the commute.  When I was riding home this afternoon, I saw this crane moving things in–or out–of one of the campus buildings.  I’m not sure what’s going on in this building, but moving trucks have been blocking this part of campus for awhile.  I like catching the crane in action.  I take so much of my daily physical world for granted, but I rarely ask how things turn out the way they do.  Many Tulane buildings are old with doorways and stairwells built for the kind of environment at the time.  I guess today we have bigger stuff that needs bigger access points, and so we have to be creative about how we move our contemporary stuff into old spaces.  My classes are currently learning about how social categories of race, gender, sexuality, and others are not natural, but made, produced, by and through the social systems and relationships that just appear to us to be prior to those social processes.  Today, as I rode my bike home, I thought about how space itself and the objects we surround ourselves with are also changing social constructions.

3 thoughts on “Moving By Crane at Tulane

  1. Hi, Auntie Eileen! What a treat to see you here. Yep–I’m seeing my sister in April, but I don’t really feel like waiting that long. When are you guys coming to visit?

  2. It is fun moving large things in and out of old buildings. Part of what I do for a living 😉

    Best one I have been involved in so far was getting a vintage Rolls Royce Limosine out of a second floor storage facility. It involved cranes and demolition of some very sturdy walls. We never did find out why or how it got where it was.


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