Bicycle Michael’s on Frenchman Street

Bicycle Michael'sToday was positive beautiful, sunny and warm, but not too warm, and I decided to make today the day to take the plunge and get myself a road bike. Don’t get me wrong–Rhoda is wonderful. She is big and heavy and a clunker for these pitted New Orleans roads. And even more, she’s fashionable, what with her pink frame covered with stickers and her Christmas lights and handy basket on the front. But riding her as much as I do has made me want to ride more, faster, farther. And for that I need something else: a road bike. I decided to go with a steel touring bike that I have a feeling will last me a really, really long time. I felt anxious heading in to the bike shop, especially because I still feel like such a newcomer to this whole bike riding thing. But I know what I want, and it is to take this blog on the road. I snapped this picture of Bicycle Michael’s as I left. I love this shop. It is on Frenchman Street with the music clubs and cafes and bookstores and tattoo parlors. You’d never know walking by how much bike knowledge was stocked in that place. But the people are mad friendly. And three of them ride the bike I’ll be getting by next weekend. I have a feeling I’ll be spending a lot of time in this shop. Sweet!

7 thoughts on “Bicycle Michael’s on Frenchman Street

  1. Congrats on the new bike, Kate. That’s pretty darn exciting. Are you going to feature it in the photo? I want to see it. -Eileen

  2. steel is real!

    my roadie is steel, though probably a bit more aggressive than the touring model you’ve purchased. it rides great and has held up well to seven years and close to 20k miles. plus it kicks plenty of carbon fiber butt on weekend rides.

    you made the right call.

    • Thanks, wheeler! I’m thrilled to get it. Can’twaitcan’twaitcan’twait.

      Love your blog, btw. I’m adding it to the blogroll.

  3. Lucky you! I’m about to get my first bike very soon. So I know how it feels. Exciting!
    New Orleans looks so lovely and warm! London has ‘shut down’ today cos its deep in sudden heavy snow but still cyclists are out!
    Look forward to seeing your new bike.

  4. Congrats on the new wheels. I just purchased a new ride recently, and it was for the very same reasons: riding what I had already only made me want to ride more, and farther, and (sometimes) faster.

    I just registered for a conference in New Orleans in November. It will be my first visit to your fair city, and I’m very much looking forward to it. I’ve made a note to check out Bicycle Michael’s while I’m there. Might you have any other bike-related recommendations?

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