Clouds Above Frenchman and Royal Streets

I have been having a bit of trouble sleeping lately–getting on the new Fall schedule is taking a bit of time for this little insomniac–and I was dragging a bit today. After getting some work done that I’ve been long avoiding and finishing the book I’ve been reading, I headed to the coffee shop to get some writing done. By the time 6:00pm rolled around, I was not at all in the mood for a bicycle ride. But the thing is, a bike ride is always a good idea, especially in a slight cool post-rain early evening, and I needed bike tubes. I hopped on the Surly and headed down to the bike shoppe. When I got there, I snapped a picture of the positively lovely sky–a perfect blue, swirled with clouds, background to what also looks like a picture of that tree, or that triangle of an aging building, or perhaps just a picture of those wires. Yes, it is always a good idea to take the bike out for a ride, a little tired or not.

My Tuned-Up Bike On Frenchman

After I finished up my writing tasks this afternoon I headed down to Frenchman Street on the rental Schwinn, hoping the Surly would be all done getting spit-shined at this season’s complimentary tune-up (more good reasons to buy from your local bike shoppe!). The Schwinn was a hybrid, easy step-through, fairly speedy, super cute. I thought I’d like some time sitting upright again, especially since Rhoda’s been having problems lately. And it was fun to ride a new bike for a few miles. But man, I was seriously missing my bike. Continue reading

Trains at Galvez and St. Ferdinand

Oliver Train Depot at GalvezI took Jack out for a ride this afternoon, and it felt so, so good. It was either a little bit cooler or I’ve acclimated, and that made biking around town much more pleasant.  I planned to ride down to the Marigny hoping to find the bike shop open for a payday treat, but got sidetracked Uptown, watching a movie shoot. Continue reading

Tanks at the National WWII Museum

Tanks at the WWII MuseumRhoda’s got a flat and I need a wrench to free her wheel, so Jack and I went looking for a hardware store.  I headed down to the bike shop ISO tools and maybe a present or two; A. is in the market for a bike, so I rang her up and told her to meet me there for some test riding.  Continue reading

Empty Wall on Decatur at Esplanade

Clean Wall at Decatur and EsplanadeI took Jack to the bike shoppe today for her first check up–she’s growing up so fast!  On my walk to the coffee shop to wait for Jack’s return I snapped a picture of this wall that clearly used to advertise all kinds of things, but has recently been cleaned off.  Continue reading

Abandoned Albertson’s at Jefferson Parkway and Tulane Ave.

Abandoned Albertson's at Jefferson Parkway and Tulane Ave.I got up this morning with a gleam in my eye. Because today, my dear friend K., picked up her new bike. And she wanted to spend the day riding all over town, stretching her legs and her new chain. Well, I’m certainly up for using my sunny Saturday afternoon like that, so I met her at the bike shop in the Quarter. Continue reading

Bicycle Michael’s on Frenchman Street

Bicycle Michael'sToday was positive beautiful, sunny and warm, but not too warm, and I decided to make today the day to take the plunge and get myself a road bike. Don’t get me wrong–Rhoda is wonderful. Continue reading