The New Orleans Hornets Vs. The Chicago Bulls

Hornets vs. BullsTonight I scored some excellent free tickets to the Hornets game.  Chris Paul is still injured, so I wouldn’t get to see him play, but I have never been to an NBA game, and I was positively thrilled to get to head down to the Arena tonight.  Oh, excuse me, I meant, “The Hive.”  My first thought upon being offered the tickets was that I’d get to ride my bike there.  I mean, commuting by bike is always rewarding–it’s quick, it feels good, it saves money and the environment, and all the other good things that regularly accompany the bike ride.  But heading to a major sporting event with thousands of other people, most of whom are driving in their own cars?  Please.  Give me a bike ANY DAY.  I parked and locked and snapped this picture of people lining up to head inside.  From where I left my bike.  I was literally a twenty second walk to the door.  Ah, the bicycle.  In other news, I had a fantastic time, even though the Hornets were positively schooled by the young Chicago squad, including Joakim Noah and Kirk Hinrich, two of my least favorite college players of the last five years.  I got my picture taken with Hugo and some of the Honeybees and then hopped on my bike and headed to the bar for a nightcap with friends.  All in all, a wonderful and surprising commute by bike.

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