Tulane VS South Alabama Women’s Basketball Game at Fogelman Arena

I teach a lot of student athletes at Tulane–basketball, volleyball, cheerleading, football, I teach them all. Athletes get a bad rap sometimes for blowing off coursework for the culture of the game. Well, all kinds of students manage to blow off coursework, so it hardly seems fair to lay that on the athletes. And in my experience, athletes balance an incredible number of commitments, often impressively. So when the football team invited me to go behind the scenes at a game, I eagerly said yes, because I wanted to show my support for my students, and because who doesn’t want to watch the game from the field! My body was requesting a rest from the bike, so I thought I’d drive, but alas, when you leave your car idle for weeks because you’d rather ride your bike, the battery dies. So I put on the bike shoes, climbed on the Surly, and headed down to the Superdome with N. in tow. Continue reading

Sugar Bowl-Bound Fans on Canal and Camp

Last night ended with a popped tube on Magazine and Poydras, so today meant catching a ride downtown with my tube repair kit, pump, and 15mm wrench. It was surprisingly pleasurable to set up shop there on Magazine, even though I was in the way of the impressive flow of Sugar Bowl pedestrian traffic; I don’t know, it feels good to use public space in ways you’re not meant to. Continue reading

Saints Tailgating in the CBD

I don’t know if you’ve heard, but the New Orleans Saints are having a pretty good football season. They were undefeated, 13-0, going into tonight’s game versus the Dallas Cowboys. One of the very first things I learned as a child was to hate the Cowboys. As far my recall goes, my learning went like this: Yankees suck, never cross a picket line, hate the Dallas Cowboys. So yeah, I was rooting for the Saints. Continue reading

T-Model Ford at the Crescent City Blues & BBQ Festival

T-Model Ford at the Crescent City Blues and BBQ FestivalI’ve been off the bike for a few days due to a bit of a cold, but I had to pedal a little today. I’d planned a long ride, but then I got a call from A. B. had called her with two 50-yard line seats to the Saints-Giants game–could I be ready in ten minutes. Oh, yeah. Continue reading

Jesus Justice Jazz at the Superdome

Jesus, Justice, and Jazz at the SuperdomeI finished up a project this afternoon, so I gave myself the night off to do whatever I pleased. I saw crowds of teens in the Quarter yesterday and found out later they were some of the 35,000 people in town for ECLA, the Lutheran youth gathering. I love a crowd I’ve got nothing to do with, so I decided to hop on my bike and head down to the convention center to see what all these teenagers were up to. Continue reading

The New Orleans Hornets Vs. The Chicago Bulls

Hornets vs. BullsTonight I scored some excellent free tickets to the Hornets game.  Chris Paul is still injured, so I wouldn’t get to see him play, but I have never been to an NBA game, and I was positively thrilled to get to head down to the Arena tonight.  Continue reading

The Superdome on Saints Opening Day

Yes, I am ready for some football.  Saints football, especially.  The NFL made much of getting the team back to the Superdome for the opening day, and, frankly, I’m glad they did.  Continue reading