Decaying Boat and Shipping Container at Oak and Adams

Decaying Boat UptownI know I keep harping on the weather, but today was simply ridiculously beautiful.  I donned my ipod a fluffy skirt, and not enough sunscreen and tooled along side streets over to a coffee shop to meet a friend to sit outside and get some writing done.  I was trying to explain why riding around in weather like this with my skirt blowing back feels so good.  All I could come up with is that when I’m walking or riding around the neighborhoods of New Orleans when the air feels and tastes like it does in the spring and summer, I just feel like I’m home.  I’ve never felt so at home anywhere else.  And this place also feels different from any other place I’ve lived.  And I’ve lived many places–Boise, New York, Berkeley, Oakland, DC, Hartford, Portland, Paris.  But I love this town.  This is where I want to stay, especially on days like these.  I snapped this picture near the corner of Oak and Adams, because it is a scene I don’t think I’d have seen in any of those other cities.  Now, I don’t know if the shipping container is there as storage in some post-Katrina related capacity, but I do know that I’ve never seen a place as littered with them as here.  Further in the background is an old boat that looks like I imagine the Prospect 1 Ark looked.  It is clearly a project.  I wonder how many hours it has logged–and may log again–on the Mississippi.  I wonder if it helped rescue folks during the flood.  All I know is that today, walking my bike past this yard, I appreciated the projects, and appreciated the neighborhood.  Come visit–and that means you, Eileen!

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