Shipping Containers Along the Mississippi River at Marengo and Tchoupitoulas

So, I generally spend quite a bit of time on my bicycle. I used to think that all bikes were basically the same, but that’s just not true. My bike feels like my bike. It’s in the shop, though, and I’ve got a rental bike, and I wanted to take it out, see what she could do. Yeah, I like what the Surly can do. I like how big and heavy and steel she is. I miss my bike. But this one’s fun too. Sigh. Anyway. Tomorrow. Continue reading

Decaying Boat and Shipping Container at Oak and Adams

Decaying Boat UptownI know I keep harping on the weather, but today was simply ridiculously beautiful.  I donned my ipod a fluffy skirt, and not enough sunscreen and tooled along side streets over to a coffee shop to meet a friend to sit outside and get some writing done.  I was trying to explain why riding around in weather like this with my skirt blowing back feels so good.  Continue reading