No Swimming Signs in Lake Pontchartrain at Lakeshore & Leon C. Simon

The weather was absolutely ridiculous today so after a morning at home with my book, I got on my bike, stopped in the Quarter for a margarita and a burrito, and then headed out toward Lake Pontchartrain to see what it looks like when a lake rises several feet because the river is flooding. Continue reading

People Watching the Mississippi River From Woldenberg Park

I don’t know if you’ve heard, but the river is rising, so after an evening with friends I took the bike out to check on the flow. I sped along St. Claude–good lord, I love a bike lane–and headed to the top of the bridge over the Industrial Canal where the water was high, maybe even higher than a couple of days ago. Then again, maybe not. Continue reading

Burned-Out House at 4th and S. Tonti

Burned-Out House at 4th and S. TontiI had an hour this morning between work and more work, so I took the opportunity to hop on the new bike and tool around Broadmoor.  Broadmoor took on a lot of water when the levees broke, and the neighborhoods in the area are only slowly coming back.  Some streets have maybe one house that’s been redone on the block while other blocks look like nothing ever happened.  The rebuilding here is incredibly uneven, as it is in most parts of town.  Continue reading

Decaying Boat and Shipping Container at Oak and Adams

Decaying Boat UptownI know I keep harping on the weather, but today was simply ridiculously beautiful.  I donned my ipod a fluffy skirt, and not enough sunscreen and tooled along side streets over to a coffee shop to meet a friend to sit outside and get some writing done.  I was trying to explain why riding around in weather like this with my skirt blowing back feels so good.  Continue reading

Sunset On Bayou St. John

Bayou St. JohnIt’s about to get warm again in New Orleans, so I decided to take advantage of the cool afternoon and got on the new bike for a trip to Mid-City and Bayou St. John.  I love the new bike.  I love just letting loose and speeding along, legs spinning, elbows bending.  It feels so, so free.  Jack and I are in for a long life of rides together, methinks.  Continue reading

House Raising in Central City

I got a lot of riding done in 95 degree heat today. It felt so, so good. I was jetting through Central City on my way down to the Marigny when I saw this lot, vacant except for these stilts upon which a house will hopefully soon be perched. Continue reading