Community Garden at Burgundy and St. Ferdinand

Community Garden in the MarignyI rode my bike down to the Marigny tonight to see some experimental theater. Those two words together often send shivers up my spine, but I was in the mood to watch creative people doing creative things, so I was game. I showed up early to meet my friend M., so I decided to tool around the neighborhood for a bit. The bike lane on St. Claude is incredibly inviting, smooth, car-free, so I spent some time along that and then turned around and headed to the pre-show bar. On my way I stopped to take a picture of this community garden. Now this is an example of creative people doing creative things. We’ve got land, we’ve got a ridiculously plant-friendly climate, and we’ve got plenty of folks hungry for decent food. Enter the community garden, where people share the labor and share the harvest. I love these places. They are beautiful, they are efficient, they are friendly. I passed one in Mid-City last weekend that was a little different. A homeowner donated his/her lawn to a local grower who was using it to grow kale and chard for area restaurants. This too seems an interesting and creative model, helpfully meeting a whole bunch of needs. That’s what a community should do, it seems to me. As I rode my bike from this creative event to the other I wondered: since when is growing food on collective land some breakthrough creative concept? That’s pretty sad. And yet, after the show, I was still thinking about this garden and wishing I’d spent my evening sitting in it instead of where I’d been.

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