Lindy Boggs Medical Center in Mid-City

Abandoned Hospital in Mid-CityThe sun came out again today thank goodness.  I hadn’t ridden my bicycle in two whole days–which is a really long time.  I was getting itchy.  So after riding to and from work today I took Jack out for a long ride around Mid-City.  I first went through the French Quarter to see if crowds were out and about for St. Patrick’s Day.  Bourbon Street already smelled terrible, but there were hardly any peopledrinking.  Yet.  It was a lot more crowded at the Parasol’s Block Party Uptown, but I wasn’t in the mood for anything but bike riding.  I had thought I’d be blogging about another celebration in New Orleans, but I ended up doing circles around Lindy Boggs Medical Center, wondering why it still stands empty and dilapidated so many years after Katrina.  I snapped this picture of the side of the building with a couple of walls missing, so you can see right into the room.  I found myself imagining all the folks who sat outside of here on the landing, smoking, waiting, smoking.  This place was filled to capacity prior to the storm, but now it’s just empty.  Where have all the sick people gone?  It appears that the land has been sold to an out-of-state Victory developers who plan to develop the area for big box stores.  Demolition obviously hasn’t taken place and development plans appear to remain up in the air, but the enormous building remains as an eyesore and a constant reminder of how much is still broken here.  So no picture of drunken faux-Irishmen tonight, though there are plenty out there this evening.  Hope none of them need an ER in Mid-City tonight.

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