Blue Skies and Twiggy Trees at Patterson Park

Blue Skies and Twiggy Trees at Patterson ParkI’m on spring break, and oh, it is a beautiful thing. Winter was a rough go this year, and it just feels so good to feel sunshine past 7pm, even if as I write this we are under a winter weather advisory for tomorrow. Whatever, Tuesday was beautiful, even with the howling winds. My ride started heading east, because I’m usually heading west. I took the whole lane because fuck, it’s a holiday (but really because that’s the safest way to ride on 33rd Street), and headed toward Clifton Park. Continue reading

Baltimore Irish Northern Aid Society at Charles & Franklin

Today’s ride took me down the hill to meet friends for lunch and then a walk over to Charles Avenue for the St. Patrick’s Day parade (and no, I don’ t know why it was today). This is my third parade in Baltimore, and S. reminded me not to go in to compare this parade to New Orleans parades–they’re totally different things–and to see what fun I might get out of this one. I heeded this most excellent advice and leaned back on my heels for 90 minutes of Ancient Orders of the Hibernians, Irish dance teams, beauty queens, and bagpipers. Continue reading

Blue Skies Over the St. Patrick’s Day Parade at Magazine & Josephine

Another parade? Are you serious? I am done with parades for now. I’m in the place of intense relief that carnival is over and things are getting back to normal–I’m doing my dishes, cooking actual meals, folding laundry, and answering emails. I had way too much to do today to go out for yet another parade. Continue reading

St. Patrick’s Day Walking Club at St. Charles and 7th

I love a parade. No, really. I love a parade. This means, of course, that I’m meant to live in New Orleans, a town that will throw a parade for just about anything. Today was the annual St. Patrick’s Day parade, the Uptown version. Because of course there are parades all over the metro area for a good week before the actual day. Continue reading

Lindy Boggs Medical Center in Mid-City

Abandoned Hospital in Mid-CityThe sun came out again today thank goodness.  I hadn’t ridden my bicycle in two whole days–which is a really long time.  I was getting itchy.  So after riding to and from work today I took Jack out for a long ride around Mid-City.  Continue reading

St. Patrick’s Day at Molly’s On The Market

Irish Flag Sidewalk at Molly's On The MarketIt’s St. Patrick’s Day weekend here in New Orleans, and folks are already wearing green.  Tonight’s parade–which I missed in favor of a concert–took place here, at Molly’s On the Market on Decatur.  I saw people painting this flag and shamrock on the sidewalk a couple days ago, and already it looks like more than a parade has walked all over it.  It’s amazing how quickly a drunken crowd can take down some sidewalk art.  Continue reading

Birds at Bayou St. John

Birds Flying at Bayou St. JohnToday was a New Orleans kind of day, as N. would say.  I had no particular plans, but what started as brunch with friends ended up being a day of fun in Mid-City, riding the new bike around.  Continue reading