Picnicking at the Fly

Picnics at the FlyIt’s the first full day of my spring break, and I couldn’t be more pleased. The weather was fantastic, so I went for a long ride along the Mississippi after a day of basketball, lunch, coffee, and reading. Yeah, rough life, eh? I was not the only person who thought the levee would be a nice place to toast this first day of spring (and my mom’s birthday–happy birthday, ma! Love you!). Once I got to the Fly I was surrounded by people. People having picnics in the grass. Women sunbathing in bikinis. A couple with their little dog, fresh from the groomers, with a little pink bow on her head; he was taking a portrait of his girlfriend/wife and her/their dog. There were boys playing lacrosse (I think that’s what that was), men fishing, dogs being walked and babies being strolled. I was zipping along on my zippy little touring bike, taking in the sights, and frankly, I felt lucky to live in this beautiful place and have this beautiful bike that one day I hope to take much, much farther up the river. Today I made it past Harahan, to River Ridge, according to the four girls in school uniforms riding their bikes whom I asked before turning around. I saw a bunny rabbit, a recumbent cyclist, lots of walkers, two women on horses, a ridiculous number of dogs, and lots of fellow bicyclers, tooling down the path. I love public spaces and the myriad ways people use them. I ended my long ride with pizza with my friend K., who is getting a new bike tomorrow. I get to go with her to test ride some fixies; we’re both so excited, we’re worried we won’t sleep. New bikes. *sigh* Life is good.

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