UCLA vs. VCU at Ochsner Baptist ER

NCAA Tourney at Ochsner BaptistToday is my first day of spring break.  AND it’s the first day of the NCAA tournament.  Yeah, it’s a good, good day.  I celebrated by–what else–taking a bike ride.  This afternoon’s ride took me to Mid-City to help J. and M. move in to their new place.  There were eight of us, a U-Haul, a pick-up truck, three dogs, three cases of beer, and jambalaya.  I can stand to move like this, I must say.  These are some amazing women, and I know if I ever have to move again (I know–when…but I prefer denial), they will be there to make it fast and fun.  D., unfortunately, couldn’t make it.  She got in to a fight with a cat, and the cat won.  This might sound like nothing, but her hands and wrist said differently.  They were hot, red, swollen, and she couldn’t move one wrist while the other hand couldn’t grip.  Yep, time to go to the doctor.  So I finished my jambalaya, sucked down my beer, and hopped on the bike to D.’s house.  We threw Rhoda in the back of her truck and tooled over to the Ochsner Baptist ER.  I thought about my blog post from a few days ago.  Lindy Boggs is mere blocks from D.’s house, but we had to drive across town and wait a couple hours to get some antibiotics and a shot; the Urgent Care Center at Ochsner closed last week.  Anyway, I was missing the evening basketball games, and that was a bummer, but I would never let anyone go to the ER alone.  When we finally got a room, Andreas, the orderly, showed us how to work our private TV, as seen here, and then brought us warm blankets to drape around our shoulders while we watched the second half of the UCLA/VCU game (go Bruins!).  It’s practically a spa in here, D. said.  After some waiting and some treatment and some more waiting, I was back on my bike, heading home.  Today it felt good to ride my bike around and be part of one hell of a community.  But let’s try to keep ourselves out of the ER, people.

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