Blackout at Decatur and Iberville

Blackout at Decatur and IvervilleLast night’s storms were crazy.  The sky was bright with lightening and the rain just poured down, coming dangerously close to my door.  I watched the storm, and storm coverage, and finally went to sleep.  So when I was invited out and about tonight, I was frankly a little bit nervous, since the weather reports promised similar storms tonight.  I finally decided to head out on the bike with an extra pair of shoes and raincoat.  I mean, I can get wet, and my bike has certainly seen its share of showers.  When I hit the Quarter, I was surprised by the darkness.  There was an underground fire at Iberville and Bourbon this afternoon, and power was out aon the Canal side of the Quarter.  It was eerie, seeing these streets usually so alive with light rendered dark.  People in fancy dress were walking up and down the streets, lit only by headlights.  I snapped this picture on my way home, at Decatur and Iberville.  The street was blocked by the fire truck putting off all this light, the only light on the street.  A car was going backwards up the street, clearly not seeing me on my bicycle.  Without light, I felt invisible.  I like that feeling, but tonight I felt a little unsafe.  It was just strange to be in the dark, even though it’s the light that’s artificial.  I hope the power’s back on soon, but tonight I enjoyed the quiet darkness of the usually busy streets.

2 thoughts on “Blackout at Decatur and Iberville

  1. Another fantastic shot, and I found this line particularly brilliant (pun perhaps intended): “It was just strange to be in the dark, even though it’s the light that’s artificial.” Talk about perfect irony. And isn’t this exactly what’s at issue when people take their first few steps away from dependence on an automobile? It feels strange to be walking someplace we’re used to going by car, but it’s the latter that’s “unnatural.”

  2. Exactly, and yes, puns are always intended. Unless they fail to be clever or apt. “Natural” is usually just what we’re taking for granted.

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