Empty Wall on Decatur at Esplanade

Clean Wall at Decatur and EsplanadeI took Jack to the bike shoppe today for her first check up–she’s growing up so fast!  On my walk to the coffee shop to wait for Jack’s return I snapped a picture of this wall that clearly used to advertise all kinds of things, but has recently been cleaned off.  Continue reading

Jackson Square Crowds at French Quarter Fest

Crowds at French Quarter FestThe weather reports promised thunderstorms today, but the sun was out, and despite a late night, I was up for another bike ride.  I rode down to the Quarter to see the crowds out for French Quarter Fest and hear a bit of music.  I, like lots of folks, can’t really afford Jazz Fest, so I really appreciate this free party.  I snapped this picture of the many people crowding in to Jackson Square, with the church and the Cabildo in the background.  Isn’t it beautiful?  Continue reading

PJ’s Roastery on Chartres

PJ's Roastery on PetersThe weather predictors promised thunderstorms this afternoon and evening, but fortunately, upon checking the radar, I saw that I had a window of opportunity for a nice bike ride this evening.  The rain is pouring down as I write this, but it was warm and muggy and perfect when I headed out.  I took Jack, and went clipless, because I’ve got to get over the little niggling fear I have of being stuck to my bike.  Continue reading

Blackout at Decatur and Iberville

Blackout at Decatur and IvervilleLast night’s storms were crazy.  The sky was bright with lightening and the rain just poured down, coming dangerously close to my door.  I watched the storm, and storm coverage, and finally went to sleep.  So when I was invited out and about tonight, I was frankly a little bit nervous, since the weather reports promised similar storms tonight.  I finally decided to head out on the bike with an extra pair of shoes and raincoat.  I mean, I can get wet, and my bike has certainly seen its share of showers.  Continue reading

St. Patrick’s Day at Molly’s On The Market

Irish Flag Sidewalk at Molly's On The MarketIt’s St. Patrick’s Day weekend here in New Orleans, and folks are already wearing green.  Tonight’s parade–which I missed in favor of a concert–took place here, at Molly’s On the Market on Decatur.  I saw people painting this flag and shamrock on the sidewalk a couple days ago, and already it looks like more than a parade has walked all over it.  It’s amazing how quickly a drunken crowd can take down some sidewalk art.  Continue reading