Church at Jackson and St. Charles

Church at Jackson and St. CharlesI’m continually struck by how quickly I adjust my sight and see only what I expect to see.  One of the reasons I do this blog is to force myself to look, really look, at what I pass as I ride my bicycle around town.  Being on a bicycle completely changes your relationship to the road, to your surrounding, to fellow travelers by foot, bike, motorcycle, car, horse-drawn carriage, bus, streetcar, and all the other ways we get around.  When you’re in a car, you’re sealed up inside your own private world.  Not so on a bike, where you have to stay in the present and aware of everything going on in the space you’re moving through.  Biking has taught me so much about how to see.  And yet today, as I went to this church to witness C. and P.’s marriage blessing (congrats!), I realized how much my vision has shut down, has stopped seeing new things, how much there is still to see.  This chapel sits just a half block off St. Charles on Jackson Street.  I travel both of these streets regularly–I’m talking every couple of days I am sure to pass this corner.  And yet I’ve never noticed this chapel or the church next to it.  Nope.  I went in with friends and family and not only saw this church for the first time, but saw this religious ritual for the first time, and felt myself realign some longstanding ways of thinking and seeing as I settled in to share a whole bunch of new.  I am grateful to be reminded to keep my eyes open and relieved I’ll never run out of stuff to see, while riding my bike around today.

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