“Imagine No Religion” Billboard at Canal & N. Rampart

I was completely wrung out from Sunday’s bicycle ride, so I took Monday off from riding, but that doesn’t mean it wasn’t exciting. The Boise State Broncos, my hometown team, pulled off late-game heroics to win on the national stage. The thrill! Beyond belief! I was so, so excited, especially after all the stress the team put us through. But that’s not bike-related. Anyway. After stopping by my local bike shoppe this afternoon for a quick chat and a brake adjustment, I rode up to Tulane to meet with a couple of students and then headed back downtown to meet J. at the gymnasium. Continue reading

Lutherans Taking a Right at Decatur and Canal

I had a truly lovely day riding my bicycle around town. It’s funny–just a few days riding other places and I feel like I’m tracing New Orleans all over again. The weather was perfect for a ride too–surprisingly mild (i.e. heat index under 100 degrees) and slightly breezy. I rode around, running errands and and going to Jazzercise class. No, really. Jazzercise. Anyway. I zipped happily down to the Treme tonight, listening to a catchy song with a terrible message (or not–depends if I’m feeling generous). Out of town a few days, and nobody told me the Lutherans were back! Continue reading

Oakland’s Cathedral of Christ the Light

Cathedral of Christ the Light in OaklandWhen I moved from Oakland four years ago, there was a big sign on this empty lot at Harrison and Lakeside Drive that read, “Future Home of the Cathedral of Christ the Light.” Well, the future is now, because today I rode my borrowed bike to that corner and took this picture of the church rising up in all its glass-encased glory. Continue reading

Jesus Justice Jazz at the Superdome

Jesus, Justice, and Jazz at the SuperdomeI finished up a project this afternoon, so I gave myself the night off to do whatever I pleased. I saw crowds of teens in the Quarter yesterday and found out later they were some of the 35,000 people in town for ECLA, the Lutheran youth gathering. I love a crowd I’ve got nothing to do with, so I decided to hop on my bike and head down to the convention center to see what all these teenagers were up to. Continue reading

Church at Jackson and St. Charles

Church at Jackson and St. CharlesI’m continually struck by how quickly I adjust my sight and see only what I expect to see.  One of the reasons I do this blog is to force myself to look, really look, at what I pass as I ride my bicycle around town.  Being on a bicycle completely changes your relationship to the road, to your surrounding, to fellow travelers by foot, bike, motorcycle, car, horse-drawn carriage, bus, streetcar, and all the other ways we get around.  Continue reading