Abandoned Albertson’s at Jefferson Parkway and Tulane Ave.

Abandoned Albertson's at Jefferson Parkway and Tulane Ave.I got up this morning with a gleam in my eye. Because today, my dear friend K., picked up her new bike. And she wanted to spend the day riding all over town, stretching her legs and her new chain. Well, I’m certainly up for using my sunny Saturday afternoon like that, so I met her at the bike shop in the Quarter. We then rode through the Marigny to the Bywater, where I had a quick brunch while K. zipped around. Then we hopped on the St. Claude bike lane over through Mid-City and along Bayou St. John, and then back through Broadmoor to Uptown for yet another New Orleans festival. Lovely. I stopped to snap this picture of an abandoned Albertson’s grocery store at Jeff and Tulane Avenue. Like many buildings in town, this one feels almost ghostly, as if one day the life just disappeared. And I guess that’s sort of what happened. I stopped to take this photo, though, because it was so strange to see an Albertson’s in this context. I’m from Boise, Idaho, home of the very first Albertson’s. That was my grocery store for my entire childhood. I remember when the tore that first one down. And rebuilt it on the other side of the parking lot. But I didn’t think the store made it all the way down here! But it’s closed now, just like many of the Albertson’s stores in the west, sold to Key Foods, I think. What do we do with the stuff–the buildings, the gas pumps, the land covered over with concrete–when things change and the stuff isn’t needed anymore? I want more gardens.

One thought on “Abandoned Albertson’s at Jefferson Parkway and Tulane Ave.

  1. I am all up to date again! It has been a wonderful ride along with you and your friends. The “situation” with the police officers seemed to be a little tense. Attitude is truly everything.

    Spring is truly the best time on the Gulf if I remember right. I miss CC right now because we are having a cold spell in ABQ with lots of high winds. Winds chills in the 30’s. Every spring here has now been different. This is my fourth one. I prefer a little warmer.

    Have a good week and I will catch up again on the next Sunday night.


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