Barkus Parade Readying to Roll From Louis Armstrong Park


Everything predicted thunderstorms Sunday, but Brompty and I had things to do, and I mistakenly believed my jacket was waterproof, so we headed out between downpours for a ride to Broadmoor to see M. and D.’s new digs, including–so awesome–the baby’s room. It was an easy ride, retracing old steps on new bike lanes. I remember when the very first bike lane was installed in the city, and now the are everywhere. And there’s a new streetcar line, though that one doesn’t make much sense until you remember the Super Bowl was here. Infrastructure’s improved for industry, not residents (and this certainly isn’t just a NOLA thing), and here the industry is tourism. And I’m a tourist now, enough to get lost crossing under the I10 and just avoiding a dead end to the freeway on ramp. I took the bike lane on MLK and smaked left on Galvez, happy to have friends who moved to a neighborhood I never got to explore much. I overshot my right, dead-ended and turned around, and finally got my muddy no-fenders self to their door for breakfast and catch-up. Afterward, and after another downpour, it was back on the bike to Mid City to see R. and her new digs.all the bike lanes and streetcars in the world can’t help with this coty’s lack of drainage, so it was all avoiding puddles and small lakes there and then after back to the Treme. I meant to head straight back to S.’s house, but then I saw the dogs, so many dogs lined up for Barkus, rolling late due to weather. I remember when this was an upstart, and it still is, I guess, even if Bud Light signs welcomed me to it. And you can’t just join the parade; I watched a volunteer close the gates of Louis Armstrong park on a rather stunned gentleman and his pocket pooch. You need a “marching pass” to join a walking parade? Wow. And then the skies opened up again–my luck had run out. 20 minutes standing in the rain and it was time to thow on the towel. I pedaled “home,” a soggy mess, happy to have seen some old friends–people, pets, and problems.

Westbound I10 Traffic After the Saints Game

Oh, it is windy in New Orleans today. We don’t have hills here, as you may have heard–the lip of the bowl doesn’t count–so windy days are the closest I get to hill training. I considered perhaps maybe not riding my bike over to the offices of Women With A Vision for today’s B.B.Q. so as to avoid that uncomfortable feeling of getting batted about by the wind, but come on. It’s my first day without a massive workload in the last two weeks. I need to ride my bike. Continue reading

Tiny Cornfield at Upperline and North Prieur

Oh, it’s getting hot out there, people! Unlike lots of folks, I’m excited to get some real heat on. I love summertime, when everyone’s salty, clothes clinging like wet rags, sulking through the thick air. I took the Surly to work and had to be inside for much of the day, but I took the long way home. I rode around Broadmoor, humming this ridiculously catchy tune and enjoying the sunlight. Continue reading

Abandoned Albertson’s at Jefferson Parkway and Tulane Ave.

Abandoned Albertson's at Jefferson Parkway and Tulane Ave.I got up this morning with a gleam in my eye. Because today, my dear friend K., picked up her new bike. And she wanted to spend the day riding all over town, stretching her legs and her new chain. Well, I’m certainly up for using my sunny Saturday afternoon like that, so I met her at the bike shop in the Quarter. Continue reading

Burned-Out House at 4th and S. Tonti

Burned-Out House at 4th and S. TontiI had an hour this morning between work and more work, so I took the opportunity to hop on the new bike and tool around Broadmoor.  Broadmoor took on a lot of water when the levees broke, and the neighborhoods in the area are only slowly coming back.  Some streets have maybe one house that’s been redone on the block while other blocks look like nothing ever happened.  The rebuilding here is incredibly uneven, as it is in most parts of town.  Continue reading

Birds on Wires in the Marigny

I woke up this morning to a flat rear tire on my bike. That’s not a good way to begin the day, but I got a new tube this afternoon and took a long bike ride around town, from Uptown, through Central City to Broadmoor, over to the CBD, through the Quarter and then to the Marigny. Continue reading

One-Way Sign in Broadmoor

The weather is strangely cool in New Orleans today, which I like, and I enjoyed a non-task related ride around the Broadmoor neighborhood.  This neighborhood took on a lot of water when the levees broke after Katrina, and much of it remains in disarray.  Continue reading