Jackson Square Crowds at French Quarter Fest

Crowds at French Quarter FestThe weather reports promised thunderstorms today, but the sun was out, and despite a late night, I was up for another bike ride.  I rode down to the Quarter to see the crowds out for French Quarter Fest and hear a bit of music.  I, like lots of folks, can’t really afford Jazz Fest, so I really appreciate this free party.  I snapped this picture of the many people crowding in to Jackson Square, with the church and the Cabildo in the background.  Isn’t it beautiful?  It was incredibly sunny, so this photo really doesn’t do justice to the blue, blue sky.  I mean, it was ridiculous out there today.  The sun was warm, but not hot, the air was wet, but not soggy, and the people were tipsy, but not terrifically drunk.  Well, at least not the ones I saw inside the gates (Bourbon Street was another story…).  Inside were food booths, beer (I ponied up for one), and, of course, music.  I love the music in this place, and listening to it outside with a beer and dancing with a bunch of strangers…it doesn’t get much better than that.  After I took this picture I walked down the steps in front of the brass band playing below and played pedestrian Frogger across Decatur.  Cars were getting increasingly frustrated and agitated as people kept darting out.  Drunk folks aren’t the safest street-crossers, you see.  I was happy, as per usual, to have my bike with me.  I didn’t have to walk from the streetcar.  I didn’t have to sit in my car on Decatur, avoiding crazy death-seeking pedestrians, and I didn’t have to find a parking place.  Yep, still more points for the bike.  And it’s festival season–I’ll be enjoying the benefits of living here and riding my bikes for months.  Yeah, good times, very good times.

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