Blue Sky in the Marigny

Blue Sky in the MarignyI got a new digital camera.  Mine went missing back on Valentine’s Day, off to share the love with someone else, I presume.  I finally saved enough to get a new one and was excited to take it out for a spin on the bike today.  Rhoda and I rode to work today, and the sky was so, so blue.  It is impossible to stop  smiling when spinning up  St. Charles on days like this.  After work I  hopped on Jack and headed down to the Marigny to finish up some grading and do some reading.  Sitting outside the cafe with a view of my bike locked up across the street, my bike shoes snapping on the sidewalk, some coffee, a chocolate chip bar, and friends, I was feeling pretty damn lucky.  It’s summertime.  I snapped this photo to try and capture the blue sky and the green tree, so lovely even though there are power lines in the background.  It’s really hard to get a picture of the sky without power lines in it, by the way.  The lovely afternoon was marred a bit when a guy grabbed another guy’s bag and sped away on his bicycle.  But folks caught up to him and the bag was returned, justice restored, sort of.  What justice might really look like in a city like this with all its poverty, racial stratification, decay, and desperate history (remembering that all history is a history of the present), well, that’s not what this post is about.  This post is about the sky, which stays beautiful no matter what’s up on the ground level.

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