Annunciation Center Park at Race Street

Park at Annunciation and RaceThe weather in New Orleans this week has been positively sick. I mean, check out the sky in this picture. Yep, that’s the color of the sky in late May in New Orleans. I took Jack out for a short ride this afternoon after a positively lovely day writing, reading, swimming, and yoga. Yes, the life of an academic is particularly rough in the summertime. On my way home from coffee with D. I stopped to snap this photo of Annunciation Center Park because I was struck by the beauty of the sky and trees, with folks playing soccer, enjoying the late Tuesday afternoon. Of course, this contrasts with the tipped-over sign and the rusting smokestack-thingies in the background over on Tchoupitoulas. I guess that’s just going to the park in the city–you play on grass, under the sun, in the midst of urban decay. To the left of this picture is the Saulet, a luxury condo housing development boasting a pool, gym, and concierge service. To the right are run-down and boarded-up houses and the bumpy, pot-holed roads of the Lower Garden District/Irish Channel on the river side of Magazine Street. Yep, New Orleans is a city of contradiction, even on the most perfect of days. Or perhaps it’s the perfection that makes the contradictions that much easier to see.

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