Glass at Jefferson and Garfield

Glass Pile at Jefferson and ?The weather here is crazy.  It was actually kind of cold today.  Or at least, it feels cold to me when it’s below seventy degrees.  I felt the chill while riding home, via a bar–this is New Orleans, after all–for a quick drink, from my night class.  I stopped on Jefferson and Garfield as I turned toward Prytania and stopped to take a picture of the pile of auto glass taking up half the lane.  I no longer fear auto glass like I once did–it’s meant to shatter with round edges and offers little danger to my bike tires, unlike the beer bottle that took Jack down a couple of weeks ago.  But a pile of glass always indicates that something’s happened here.  And the piles stay for a ridiculously long time. I wonder what happened at this corner.  An accident?  A break in?  A friend of mine recently had a brick tossed through the windshield of her parked car in the Treme.  Why?  Nothing was taken from her car–what motivates a pure property crime, for no apparent monetary gain?  There’s too much going on in this town for property crimes to matter much, but they are rampant, and a sure sign that we’ve got some social problems on our hands.  I went to take a picture of the street sign at the intersection so I’d remember where I was at for this blog entry.  But there were no signs for a couple of blocks.  Yep–a lot in this place is a guessing game.

One thought on “Glass at Jefferson and Garfield

  1. I was sweeping up a broken beer bottle from my street, the other day, and looked up (I was actually squatting in the road with my whisk broom and dust pan) to see a couple of my neighbors giving me the “What now?” look.

    “Broken beer bottle,” I called out, as explanation, and they went back into their houses.

    I wonder if they think that the glass just disappears on its own? As the only cyclist on the street, I want it gone right away. But, even if I wasn’t a cyclist, I wouldn’t want to see trash in front of my house, every day.

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