Filled Pothole at Delachaise and St. Charles

Filled Pothole at Delachaise and St. CharlesI took an easy ride to and from work today and noticed that a day or two off from heavy riding sure makes my knees feel better.  But enough about that.  On my way home I snapped this picture of the street at Delachaise and St. Charles.  The pothole is gone.  Not just any pothole, but that pothole, the one that I have driven over so many times, as slowly as possible so as not to harm my sporty vehicle.  I have often ridden down other streets expressly to avoid the bike falling in.  But now it’s gone, and I’m not even sure where it is.  The Pothole Killer didn’t do it.  In fact, I think that smooth square of asphalt that’s breaking up the cracked street, next to the black gummy tar spot might be the fancy repair.  But maybe not.  The streets here are such a patchwork, it’s not always easy to remember where is where.  But getting to know your potholes on your most heavily-traveled routes is absolutely imperative if you are going to ride around this place, especially at night.  But don’t rest easy–new ones pop up all the time, like that one that reaches out in to the right lane on lower Magazine.  Tonight, though, I easily rode down Delachaise, happy that one pothole will claim no more wheels.

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