Pothole Repair at Magazine and Philip

Pothole Repair at Magazine and FirstToday was a good day on my bike. Yesterday felt a bit sluggish, and I felt a bit lazy. But today’s ride was one of those rides that make me feel like a little kid, racing along on my bicycle, skirt flying. I went for my ride after getting some quality writing done–I think that had a lot to do with it, as much as attitude has to do with anything you do. I zipped up Camp Street, stopping to take care of little errands, and then went through Audubon Park, where the birds looked lethargic in the heat–who can blame them–and the grass looked in need of water. Not a lot of folks were out; a heat advisory will do that to you. After stops at my office and the library and a visit with A. during her office hours, I raced down to meet E. and S. for lunch. I rode as fast as I could, just to feel the wind. And it felt good. On my way home for a dip in the pool I stopped to take a picture of this pothole repair taking place at Magazine between First and Philip. I remember when this part of Magazine went from easy sailing to a pile of rubble, daring the late-night tipsy rider to take a spill. I figured it would just stay that way, like that pile of rubble on St. Charles after Jefferson. But no, here it is, rubble gone, steel grate ready for something more than the Pothole Killer. Fixing the road all the way over at the edge here. Will wonders never cease. Yep, another fine day riding around the city.

One thought on “Pothole Repair at Magazine and Philip

  1. They’re probably just fixing that pothole because it’s the one in the shade! This is the time of year when I really appreciate the wise people who planted all those Live Oaks so many decades ago.

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