Sidewalk Tiles On Ursulines

Sidewalk Tiles at 615 UrsulinesMy sweet aunties E. and J. are in town visiting, and I’ve ceded my place to them and taken up residence in the French Quarter. Now, to me the Quarter is a neighborhood to ride through on my way to friends’ places in the Treme or Mid-City or on my way to the Marigny or Bywater for coffee and drinks. But yes, apparently people really do live here. And the apartment is beautiful (thanks for the hook up, D.!). I slept in this morning and then rode out for coffee and a croissant at Croissant D’Or over on Ursulines. I chatted with S., my dear friend and original owner of Rhoda, and she told me that building is one of her favorites in the city. And I can see why. It still has these lovely sidewalk tiles, proclaiming this particular door the “Ladies Entrance.” I’m not sure what that means, or why ladies needed their own entrance to the ice cream shoppe that used to be here, but I like the look of these tiles. They are all over the sidewalks here, but are increasingly at risk as streets and sidewalks undergo long-needed repair. I’m glad repairs continue, but I wish they didn’t have to take history and charm with them. Ah, progress. Oh, and get the blueberry croissant when you’re in town. Delish!

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