Basketball Backboard at Baronne and Washington

I had a lovely day today, back at work, feeling so, so much better. After biking to and from work in the sunshine, the clouds were rolling in and the air was getting thick. It was spitting just a tiny bit when I hopped on the bike to meet friends for dinner, and by the time I was tucked in to the booth, the sky had opened up and poured. D. even reported hail! Continue reading

New and Decaying Houses at 2nd and S. Rocheblave

New and Decaying Houses at Second and S. RocheblaveI woke up a little sore from last night’s dance party, so I knew it would be a lazy biking day. After a ride down to the Lower Garden District for lunch with N. and a stop at the office supply store for a new set of markers, I rode out Martin Luther King, continuing in my efforts to map the city by bike. Continue reading

Fence Segment on Annuciation Near Philip

Part of a Fence on Annuciation Near PhillipIt was spitting rain on my ride home from work today, but it dried up for my ride to meet K. for dinner. That doesn’t mean the air was dry, of course. It was seriously thick out there. I rode home up Annunciation, and near Philip I snapped this picture of a house lit up, with this tiny bit of fence in the front. Continue reading

Streetcar Tracks At Lee Circle

Streetcar Tracks at Lee CircleThe weather seems strangely cool these days, but a few spins on the cycle and I’m reminded how humid it is. Today I rode around Uptown, meeting friends for lunch and then an afternoon beer and pool. Continue reading

Pothole Repair at Magazine and Philip

Pothole Repair at Magazine and FirstToday was a good day on my bike. Yesterday felt a bit sluggish, and I felt a bit lazy. But today’s ride was one of those rides that make me feel like a little kid, racing along on my bicycle, skirt flying. Continue reading