Oak Tree Roots on St. Charles

Oak Tree Roots Through the SidewalkToday’s bike ride took me to yoga class. Jack’s big panniers easily carried yoga clothes, mat and towel, along with a book, locks, patch kit and pump, and leftover crap from past rides. This bike is seriously good for travel. That yoga session was exhausting, though, and I have to admit I wasn’t thrilled to clip in and pedal home in the heat. But it actually turned out to be a nicel cool-down, making my own breeze as I zipped down the street. I stopped outside the public library on St. Charles and snapped this picture of oak tree roots pushing up through the ground and upsetting the sidewalk. I walk over patches like this all the time, but I noticed it differently today, I think because the library steps and railings were playing host to a bunch of kids on skateboards. They shouted at me as I rode by, requesting that I “pop a wheelie.” Man, if i could, if I would. I wonder if these roots would help me do that? Hop up that broken sidewalk, pull up hard on the handlebars? It might be best to practice the maneuver with less junk on board. I’d have no shortage of places to practice. The sidewalks are pushed up by trees all over this city. Nature sure doesn’t help our infrastructure that’s crumbling anyways.

One thought on “Oak Tree Roots on St. Charles

  1. Your blog is fantastic. I’ve also recently started a bike blog, and have been very interested lately in posting things I’m seeing as I ride through San Francisco. I’ve just added you to my blogroll. Looking forward to seeing what you are seeing. You’ve also inspired me to be freer with the pictures I’m posting about what I’m seeing.

    Biking Paige

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