Trains at Galvez and St. Ferdinand

Oliver Train Depot at GalvezI took Jack out for a ride this afternoon, and it felt so, so good. It was either a little bit cooler or I’ve acclimated, and that made biking around town much more pleasant.  I planned to ride down to the Marigny hoping to find the bike shop open for a payday treat, but got sidetracked Uptown, watching a movie shoot. I asked a guy on the sidewalk if there were any famous people in it. He said, “Do you know Sylvester Stallone?” I explained that although I did not know him personally, I was indeed familiar with his work. Surprisingly, there is more on the way. (Today, though, it was Jason Statham on a Ducati…) When I finally made it to the Marigny, the bike shop was closed, so I just continued down Frenchman to Galvez and then took a right. I haven’t spent much time biking around the 7th ward. It is so different from the Marigny-side of St. Claude. And by different, I mean decimated. Flood lines aren’t visible on buildings, but you can still see them as you travel through neighborhoods. This part of town feels so empty, though the occasional porch hosts large groups of folks who clearly still call this place home. I stopped to snap this picture of the Oliver train station at Galvez and St. Ferdinand. It looks like a train graveyard, but it’s not–these trains were moving ever-so slowly down the tracks. This is, after all, one of the busiest ports in the country, and stuff still goes by train. The place might look broken down and beyond recovery, but that just depends on how you look at it, and what you choose to see.

One thought on “Trains at Galvez and St. Ferdinand

  1. I love Jason Statham.

    When I walk to work, I walk over the tracks where LIRR train are housed in between runs. Love a set of train tracks, too.

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