Blue Sky and Clouds Over Majestic Mortuary at O.C. Haley & St. Andrew

I checked the weather before I left the house for a quick ride downtown, and it looked like some clouds, slight chance of rain, so no worries, right? I headed out to meet a sky that was half dark clouds and half that perfect blue. I stopped to take this photo when I turned onto O.C. Haley at St. Andrew. Yeah, rain was following me. It caught up with me at City Hall, where I stopped to do a little early voting (Saturday, people–get to the polls!). I went in under these same half-and-half skies but came out to torrents of rain. We needed it. I pedaled on under the spits that follow a storm, stopping at the gym and then heading to the Treme for a night an evening with friends. I rode back Uptown in cool(ish), humid air. Delightful.

A Hole in a Tire on an Uptown Bicycle

Technicially, this is something I saw before I rode my bike around today. Last Sunday’s tire puncture has been growing all week long, and on last night’s ride, I could feel the thump-a thump-a thump-a of something going on back there, if you know what I mean. Oh, this situation is beyond repair, isn’t it? I did the math, and this tire went at least 4,000 miles, which seems pretty decent for the tire that came with the bike. I thought I might be able to get one last ride in before my new tire comes in tomorrow, so I hopped on the Surly and headed to the Treme to meet some friends for lunch. Yeah. The tire burst on O.C. Haley and Euterpe. N. picked me up–we’re good friends, so I avoided the well-earned “I told you so”–and after lunch, the bike and I were back home. New tires tomorrow, folks. I’m excited.

Fenced-Off Parking Lot at the New Orleans Mission

It was another hot and muggy early summer day in New Orleans, so I was a bit of a mess by the time I got to campus for class this morning. I dropped off some paperwork with an administrator who told me she wants to ride her bike, but she just can’t stand feeling like, you know–(insert gesture at me)–that. Fair enough, fair enough. But I actually love that warm-all-over feeling you get after a brisk short ride in our thick, sweaty air. Fortunately, I am able to ride, and she doesn’t have to. Continue reading

Ghost of an Old Building at Oretha Castle Haley and Terpsichore

Yep, still under the weather, but I’ve decided to pretend I’m not sick so I can go back outside and play. I know, I know…that’s no way to get genuinely better, I’m just prolonging the sickness, etc. etc. etc. What can I say–I’m a terrible patient. So after a day spent reading rather devastating legal cases about transexuals in prison, I hopped on Maxx EFX and rode down to Zeitgeist to catch another film in the Patois Film Fest. Continue reading

Bike Parking at Zeitgeist Multidisciplinary Arts Center

After a quick car ride today to invest in another cell phone (thanks for nothing, thief), I hopped on Rhoda and headed over to Oretha Castle Haley to help set up for the Bicycle Film Festival at Zeitgeist. My local radio station had informed me that a festival of sorts was also being held on the street. I like a good mash-up, so I was hoping both crowds would be there together. Continue reading

Parrot on a Wire at Erato and Oretha Castle Haley

Bird on a WireThe post office closed at 4:30. I got there at 4:39. That meant a ride down to the main post office on Loyola. I wasn’t quite in the mood for that little trip this afternoon, but the bike ride through Central City was surprisingly pleasant and the line at the post office–at 5:00pm, mind you–took less than fifteen minutes. Continue reading