Abandoned Motel at Tulane and S. Galvez

Abandoned Motel at Tulane and S. GalvezToday’s ride took me Uptown and over to Mid-City via Carrollton to meet K. and M. for coffee and work. The ride was tiring because of the intense humidity. I mean, my glasses were fogging up as I pedaled over the bayou. Today was one of those bike rides where I just kind of zone out–though always alert to safety!–and watch city change, neighborhood by neighborhood. You just can’t get a sense of this place stuck inside a car, and walking is simply too slow, for me anyways. After coffee we headed over to Bayou St. John to check out the dozen or so white ducks who were recently let loose, much to the joy, or chagrin, of neighbors, depending on who you ask. It was so beautiful out early this evening, and I thought I’d end up blogging about the ducks. But then I rode home, turn up Broad, and then here, at the corner of Tulane and South Galvez. This is only about fifteen minutes riding distance from those ducks and the water and the canoes and kayaks, but it looks like it has been bombed out. The sign is broken, the green overgrown, like nature might just reclaim this corner. This is a different sort of nature than the ducks raised in someone’s garage, given a ramp to get in the water more easily, and hand-fed bread by eager neighbors. Damn, those ducks are cute.

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