Virgin Mary With Mardi Gras Beads at Marengo and Camp

Virgin Mary Statue With Mardi Gras Beads at Camp and MarengoI had a lazy day today just doing things around the house and staring at my cats. I fixed a flat on the Surly and then took her out for a ride this afternoon to meet N. for some Mexico/U.S. soccer action.I then rode my bike home, where I passed this statue of the Virgin Mary, wearing Mardi Gras beads around her neck. Now, I pass this house and yard all the time, but I’d never noticed her. I had just hopped off my bike to take a phone call from S. and so was walking a bit. You see the world differently on a bike, yes, but you also see things differently on foot. It’s about speed and perspective. Anyway, I liked this statue because it captures that thing about New Orleans where many folks are very religious, but at the same time, that religion is often celebratory. Mardi Gras is, after all, a religious holiday. I appreciated Mary today, as did the mushrooms growing around her base. After my phone call I got back on the bike, stopped at home, and then zipped down to the Treme to see D. Her good kitty Astro died today, and we sat around, crying, talking about cats and death and love and whether or not to update the ipod before flying. She’s off to Portland for the weekend, and I’ll miss her. But when she comes back, we’re taking my Surly and her Bianchi Eros, and we’re riding the Tammany Trace. The bike always lends a new perspective.

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