Blue Sky Over the Intersection at 27th & St. Paul

20190106_130412.jpg I’ve been out of town, in South County St. Louis, for a couple of weeks, no bike in sight. It was good to be there with family, especially since part of what we were doing was saying goodbye to my wife’s grandmother. Gma was much  beloved, the kind of grandma who took every grandkid on a solo date before school started, for food and a show. A devout Catholic who said the rosary every single day, she was delighted to have two queer granddaughters and their wives join her for Christmas Eve mass last year, her only request: “No kissing!” Continue reading

Zion Travelers Second Baptist Church at Laurel & Peniston

I woke up early this morning, an hour earlier still than up “early,” in fact. My cats were engaged in a face off with the neighborhood dogs through my windowed door, and Sully, my talkative cat, came to tell me all about it. We then engaged in our easy morning routines–Little, my quiet cat, rubbing her face against my pillow, Sully pacing until there’s food in the bowl, Little making biscuits while I read, Sully laying out on her side with her head in some crazy contortion, looking more peaceful than I can ever imagine feeling. La dee dah, they followed me around as I brushed my teeth, ate breakfast (Sully has to sniff everything), and stared at me as I wheeled the bike out (to dog territory) and headed to work. Continue reading

Virgin Mary With Mardi Gras Beads at Marengo and Camp

Virgin Mary Statue With Mardi Gras Beads at Camp and MarengoI had a lazy day today just doing things around the house and staring at my cats. I fixed a flat on the Surly and then took her out for a ride this afternoon to meet N. for some Mexico/U.S. soccer action.I then rode my bike home, where I passed this statue of the Virgin Mary, wearing Mardi Gras beads around her neck. Continue reading

Salem Field and Cypress Hills Cemeteries in Brooklyn

I set out this afternoon to ride the bike to Coney Island.  My old friend S. promised it was a lovely and safe ride on the bike path along Ocean Parkway.  She was right.  Continue reading