New Construction at Felicity and Baronne

New Construction at Felicity and BaronneToday was one of those days when my bike is my transportation. I commuted up to work for my morning seminar and then back home for lunch and letter writing. I took my grading down to the Marigny for late afternoon coffee. After a walk and dinner with S. I headed back Uptown via Baronne. I take this route whenever I’m riding back from the Treme. I stopped and took this picture near Felicity. It is amazing to me how quickly this structure is going up, now that it’s going up. The street smells like the two-by-fours that have taken over the street. A security van is parked across the street, with a security guard chatting on her cell phone, on the lookout for troublemakers. I’m not sure what this structure will be, but I’m guessing apartments. They seem too short to me; I’m used to the high ceilings for cooling ventilation in the old shotguns that dominate my neighborhood. In the middle of this wooden structure is a metal stairwell, with two flights, heading to nowhere, waiting for the somewhere to be built around it. Yeah, i think it’s a metaphor. I got back on my bike, turned up some music, and flew through the surprisingly cool and unsurprisingly thick air of fall.

6 thoughts on “New Construction at Felicity and Baronne

  1. Hi, Bob. I don’t actually know! I’ll try to figure that out. It seems like one *should* be able to just click and have the picture get bigger…

    And rcs–thanks for the answer. The brick building across the street from that photo says “The Muses,” but I thought maybe that was a storage place for Muses floats…yeah, sometimes I’ve got a one track Mardi Gras mind. Cheers.

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