Chain Link Fence at Poland & Chartres

I’m in the middle of finals, which means I’m busily grading grading grading. So when R. suggested we get together with S. for a grading marathon, I was sold. After grading at home all morning, I hopped on the bike and headed down to the Marigny for a blueberry muffin, coffee, camaraderie, and a whole bunch of reading journals. We took a break to do our late afternoon tasks–dog walking, trip to the office, and, for me, a bike ride. Continue reading

New Rouse’s Sign on the Sewell Cadillac Chevrolet Building at Baronne and Girod

After a long morning of reading and writing I took the bike down to the Marigny to meet D. for a study date at her regular cafe. It was sunny and cloudless and hot, and by the time I made it downtown, my eyes were stinging with sweat. How do I keep my eyes clear, folks? Do I need to wear a sweatband under my helmet? Sigh. Anyway, I rode back Uptown for a meeting and passed this sign for the new Rouse’s that’s going in where the Sewell Cadillac Chevrolet dealership used to be, on Baronne and Girod. Continue reading

One More To Go Graffiti on Burgundy Near Conti

You’ll have to pardon the next zillion blog entries. All will begin with a report on how truly fantastically beautiful the weather is for bike riding down here. Today, for example, it was just so lovely out–70s, blue sky, light breeze, and then a cool evening. I took the Surly down to the Marigny to meet B. for coffee and grading and then rode over to the gym for some weight training and snoozing in the steam room, because it’s spring break. Continue reading

New Construction at Felicity and Baronne

New Construction at Felicity and BaronneToday was one of those days when my bike is my transportation. I commuted up to work for my morning seminar and then back home for lunch and letter writing. I took my grading down to the Marigny for late afternoon coffee. Continue reading

St. Thomas Housing Development at Chippewa and St. Andrew

Houses in the St. Thomas DevelopmentSchool in session has meant a whole lot more work. I fear my job is getting in the way of my mindless riding around town. Today, after my commute to and from work, I hopped back on the bike and tooled down to the Marigny for coffee and writing with S. I rode down Chippewa, through the St. Thomas Development. Continue reading

Holy Trinity Church in the Bywater (Amendment: Marigny–these neighborhoods are all so small!)

Holy Trinity Church on St. Ferdinand Street in the BywaterToday’s ride took me down to the Marigny  in search of a comfortable coffee shop to get some reading done. But my favorite coffee shop is on vacation! The nerve! Actually, I’m glad folks here take real vacations. We don’t do enough of that. Continue reading