Downed One-Way Sign at S. Claiborne and Pine

Downed One-Way Sign at S. Claiborne and PineA couple weeks ago I got a rear view mirror for my helmet/glasses, but I’ve been slow to actually use it. After finishing up a bunch of work this afternoon, I decided to give it a go and take the Surly out for a ride. I hooked up the mirror on my glasses, and it felt so weird. I felt off balance, somehow, and not at all sure I would be able to see anything useful out of the thing. I mean, I wear glasses (hence the place to put it), and the mirror is in my blind spot! But I got used to it fairly quickly. It is so cool to be able to see behind me. I’m going to have to remember to keep looking forward. I took the mirror on a ride up and down Claiborne. That’s a street you want to keep your eye on, on all sides. On my way home I stopped to take a picture of this One-Way sign, downed at S. Claiborne and Pine. There’s no replacement sign, of course, so I’m not exactly sure which street is supposed to go which way, only. I also passed a downed stop sign on ride today. I hope cars are using good gut instincts. And I can’t believe it took me so long to put eyes in the back of my head.

2 thoughts on “Downed One-Way Sign at S. Claiborne and Pine

  1. I recognize that sign! The person who ran down that one-way sign also ran into the iron fence behind it, in front of the house that’s been gutted and awaiting its fate since Katrina. (I live on that block). We get a lot of accidents around there because Claiborne makes a big curve between Lowerline and Pine and speeding motorists (which is pretty much *all* of them) seem to have trouble negotiating curves when drunk. Every now and then the police come out and set up a speed trap there, and one night they set up a big police van and did DWI tests on people all night. Business was good.

    • Well, I’ll wave next time I spin by on my bike! Yeah, drunken speeders…worse than the potholes for us. Thanks for the story of the sign–I love getting more info from you and other folks who live in town.

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