Rubber Chicken and Clock on a Street Sign at Louisiana and Camp

Rubber Chicken and Clock on a Street Sign at Louisiana and CampSo I’m riding my bike back from dinner with K. and some grocery shopping when I pass this street sign at the corner of Louisiana and Camp. It is warning drivers to park for no more than two hours (my failure to follow this sign has resulted in some pretty hefty fines this month). This sign was also home to that bike from several weeks ago that had been locked up there for months and months. Continue reading

Downed One-Way Sign at S. Claiborne and Pine

Downed One-Way Sign at S. Claiborne and PineA couple weeks ago I got a rear view mirror for my helmet/glasses, but I’ve been slow to actually use it. After finishing up a bunch of work this afternoon, I decided to give it a go and take the Surly out for a ride. I hooked up the mirror on my glasses, and it felt so weird. Continue reading

Stop Sign at Prytania and Joseph

Stop Sign at Prytania and Joseph St.Today I rode up to campus along Prytania, enjoying its smooth asphalt. When it hits Joseph Street, you get to jog right or left, and the asphalt gets considerably bumpier, and the shoulder much smaller. As I tooled up to the stop, I noticed the cartoon stop sign on the house right in front. Continue reading

Glass at Jefferson and Garfield

Glass Pile at Jefferson and ?The weather here is crazy.  It was actually kind of cold today.  Or at least, it feels cold to me when it’s below seventy degrees.  I felt the chill while riding home, via a bar–this is New Orleans, after all–for a quick drink, from my night class.  Continue reading