Stained Glass Window at NOPD 2nd District Headquarters

Stained Glass Window at Second District Police Station on MagazineThis is the best photograph I got tonight. It was so humid here on my ride to pick up some dinner that the flash turned the rest of my pictures in to a fuzzy mess. But I  did get this photo of the stained glass window at the NOPD 2nd District headquarters at Magazine and Napoleon. I’ve passed this building hundreds of times, but only tonight did I notice this lovely glass art. This place is really, really beautiful–a large brick building with arches and globe lamps and this map of New Orleans, made in glass. It is next to a playground with basketball courts and near several schools, a church, and a park. The few blocks are a regular Riverdale. But it’s not, unless, of course, that’s what you expect to see. I don’t know what the Riverdale police department’s like, but the NOPD, no matter how it’s prettied up on this corner, is a site of a whole lot of violence.

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