Abandoned School at N. Miro and St. Ann

Abandoned School, Maybe, At N. Miro and St. AnnAfter spending a couple of hours cleaning the Surly, including cleaning between each individual link in the chain and scrubbing the derailleur, all of which was incredibly pleasurable, I took the bike out for a ride. I headed to Mid-City for coffee and a cookie and some writing. Afterward I rode around, getting a little lost over by the Fairgrounds–I was trying to figure out what those green building behind the fences over on Moss were (they were the barns). I snapped this picture of what I’m guessing used to be a school on N. Miro and St. Ann. The building is an elevated square that frames a courtyard. The place is fenced off, the windows blown out, and hints of the former playground anchored with old tires to the empty lot next door. I tried to find information about what school this used to be or what happened here–if this is the result of Katrina-related flooding or blight from before or after the storm. But I came up empty. I passed a lot of people in this neighborhood on my ride, all of whom have to live with this daily reminder of what used to be, and what is now. I rode back Uptown via Simon Bolivar, where I ran in to a Young Men Olympian Jr. Social and Benevolent Club march. They were marching through Central City with Silence is Violence for peace. Thank you.

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